California High-Speed Rail Project

Construction Package 4 (CP-4)

Construction Package 4 is the third Design-Build construction contract released on the California High-Speed Rail Project. Located within the counties of Tulare and Kern, centered in the city of Wasco, CP-4 was issued its Notice to Proceed in Spring 2016 and construction has been well on its way. The project’s northern terminus is approximately one mile north of the Tulare-Kern County Line and extends 22 miles in length to the southern terminus at Poplar Avenue, just north of the city of Shafter.

The Project consists of at-grade, retained fill, and aerial rail sections. Relocating and re-purposing existing BNSF tracks, reconstructing selected roadways, and creating waterway and wildlife crossings, CP-4 consists of 14 structures- overpasses, underpasses, and viaducts; including a +2,000’ long pergola south of the city of Wasco. CP-4 is building the foundation for the future high-speed rail track and systems package.


Please refer to the California High Speed Rail Authority webpage to learn more about the project.


Crews performing the largest single concrete placement to date in Construction Package 4. More than 100 trucks placed more than 1,000 cubic-yards of concrete to form the deck of the Poso Creek Viaduct superstructure. July 2020.

Quick Facts

Contract Signed: February 29, 2016
Notice to Proceed: April 15, 2016
Estimated Cost: $444 million
Estimated Timeline: 5 years

See Project Alignment Map Here