California Rail Builders is committed to a safe work environment for contractors and employees. Our joint venture partners have an excellent track record for safe practices that they bring to the Central Valley CP-4 project.

We have project-specific safety plans based upon years of experience on similar projects. The plan is custom designed to consider project specific elements such as locale, climate, environment, scope, etc. We utilize our best practices and lessons learned from past experiences and apply them to the safety plan. Our safety program is continually evolving, incorporating experiences to constantly enhance the safety of all employees and the traveling public.

We conduct risk assessments and implement safety policies for every component of the project. Resources are available to ensure that we follow and monitor safety procedures.

Safety Training & Meetings

Every California Rail Builders employee receives world class instruction on how to perform their job safely. This includes the daily and personal approach of our supervision. Safety meetings occur regularly at both a foreman and executive level.

Employee Engagement

Employees need the freedom to voice concerns about safety issues. We have an anonymous hotline and an app that incorporates voluntary or anonymous employee job observations. The app notifies appropriate management of a concern, and the affected business unit receives appropriate recognition or guidance, whichever is appropriate.

For more information, please see the CRB Safety Policy.