Subcontractor Opportunities

Opportunities for Central Valley Businesses

The Construction Package 4 project creates many subcontracting opportunities for contractors. Companies who wish to bid must sign in or register with our vendor management system to participate. Once you register in the database, we can let you know about opportunities as soon as they become available.


How to get involved in CP-4

Step 1: Register in our vendor management database
Step 2: Receive notices about RFPs
Step 3: Respond to RFPs

Bid Opportunities

RFP Open / Upcoming Opening Date Closing Date
Steel Girdersopen04/17/201805/11/2018
Bridge Structures Package 2upcoming


Opportunities are available, but not limited to, the following areas of work; grouped by priority. Please contact us if you are interested in the following scopes of work:


First Priority

  • Asphalt Contractors
  • Class II Base Material Supplier
  • Concrete/Asphalt Crushing
  • Concrete Structures/Bridge Contractors
  • Concrete Supplier
  • Drill Shaft Contractor/Soldier Pile Walls
  • Earthworks
  • Guardrail/Fencing
  • Lumber Supplier
  • MSE Backfill Material Supplier
  • MSE Walls Supplier
  • PMD
  • Post-Tension Materials Supplier
  • Post-Tension Services Contractor
  • Precast Concrete Beams
  • Precast Panels Supplier
  • Rebar Installation
  • RCP & RCB
  • Road Sweeping Services
  • Security-Job Site Patrolling
  • Sheet Pile Walls
  • Steel Girders/Plates Supplier
  • Steel Rebar Supplier
  • Traffic Control Supplies (Arrow/Message Boards, etc.)
  • Trucking
  • Ultimate Load Testing
  • Wet Utilities


Second Priority

  • Ballast/Subballast Supplier
  • Bearing Pads Supplier
  • Fascia Panels
  • Forms & Accessories
  • Precast Inlets & Manholes


Third Priority

  • Hydroseeding
  • Milling
  • Misc. Light & Traffic Signal Works
  • Permanent Lights/Road Illumination
  • Road Striping


Additional design and construction opportunities could potentially include, but not limited to:

  • Earthwork/Grading
  • Electrical/Mechanical work
  • Environmental
  • Material Suppliers
  • Misc. Concrete/Flatwork
  • Misc. Design
  • MSE and Noise Wall work
  • Signage
  • Surveying
  • SWPPP/Erosion Control
  • Utilities/Drainage


For more information regarding subcontracting opportunities, please contact:

Israel Valencia
California Rail Builders
Procurement Coordinator
661-438-3440 ×25419